Our Service
Pool Inspections

Our Brush and Chemical service plans start at $180 / month plus tax. Netting is included. Monthly rates vary and depend on the size of the pool, whether the pool has a spa, whether there are trees and shrubs nearby, and other additional features a pool might have.

What we do

  • We put your pool on our pool maintenance program
  • We test your pool water, provide and apply pool minerals and chemicals to keep your pool water in optimum condition
  • We empty your pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • We backwash your filter on a monthly basis (DE and Sand filters)
  • We clean your automatic pool cleaner (bag/filter)
  • We clean your pool sweep wall screen
  • We verify your automatic pool cleaner operation
  • We brush your pool (walls / tile/steps) as needed
  • We check your pool equipment
  • We net your pool
  • We keep your pool water healthy and treat any algae that might arise per our “No Algae” guarantee
  • We help you monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of swimming pool issues

What you do

  • Maintain proper water level
  • Keep the pool equipment operating and approve repairs when needed
  • Report any observations of swimming pool issues
  • Keep equipment pad free and clear of all debris and foliage

􀀀 Monthly price based on a 4-week month. You will not be charged for the 5th cleaning in a month that makes up for weather days when we can’t clean.

􀀀 Required filter cleanings every 3-4 months for only $125 each if we do it

􀀀 There might be additional startup charges for initial cleaning if the pool/spa is green or there is equipment not working that is critical to circulation, filtration or chemistry.

􀀀 Bad Weather: Unfortunately, the weather is not always sunny. On the days when it is raining, windy or otherwise hazardous the chemicals in your pool will be balanced and your baskets will be emptied. There will be no vacuuming or netting until the following week.


We have +20 years
experience in pool services

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